Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hey Everyone!

Its so amazing here. I LOVE my companion. She is from Idaho and she is so funny. Her name is Sister Stewart. I have so much to tell you guys. I forgot my journal so I'm writing a short message and then we'll go get our journals and then come back to the computers and tell you more.
My first day was really chill,we just did a lot of get to know you things with our district. Which by the way, I Love my district and zone so much. In my district we have 4 Elders and 4 sisters. There is Elder Bertram, Nelson, Williams, and Swain. Sister Stewart, Vincent, Tracey, and Me. We all have different personalities and we get along so well....I think maybe to well because I don't want to leave the Elders :( Elder Bertram and Nelson are going to Chicago. Elder Williams and Swain are going to Arizona along with sister Tracey. and then me, sister Stewart ,and Vincent are going to Tallahassee.) anyways I stinken love them!!! I saw Sisi the first day, we see each other everyday when we eat, but I cant sit with her because our branch president wants us to sit as a zone. I have been so busy I haven't had time to do anything or think about anything. Yesterday sister Stewart, Vincent , and I had a breakdown. I think there was just so much emotions in the air from teaching and missing home and companions and just being girls. I'll tell you more about it when I break down the days. 
I love you guys so much and miss you like crazy!!! I'm going to go get my journal and then tell you everything. I also have a Bunch of pictures I'll send you.

Love always,
Sister Graham

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