Thursday, January 29, 2015

Okay, where to start?

Wednesday 21st.
When I got dropped off I already started meeting new people. And then my schedule started and I had not time to think of home. I got my name tag and then my host walked me to my room and then to my class room. When I got to my classroom there was no one in there except my teacher Sister Hessing. She is so nice. then she took me down to the computers to do a computer quiz....and that's where I meet my companion Sister Stewart. My first impression was like she does not say much. she left and went up stairs while I finished my quiz. Then when I got to the classroom her first words to me were "I need to go to the bathroom and I guess that means you have to come with me." and then she said I think we should just learn to like each other now so we don't have to be miserable. Hahaha But as the day went on we realized that we are so much alike. She wants to be chased by an alligator as well!!! The rest of the day was chill we just got to learn more about each other and we met our zone leaders. There names are Elder Crowley and Elder Gerber( like the baby food he said). Elder Crowley is an actor so he is so funny. And Elder Gerber is so cute! Anyways there are just awesome and they are going to Rawchester New York. I think that's how you spell it. There are so many cute Elders here. The spirit here is so strong. And I love hearing everyone's stories about how they choose to go on a mission. Also at nights in the resident halls the intercom will come on and it sounds like the Hunger Games "Its 10:15 quite time" " Its 10:30lights out" we feel like we need to hear a cannon go off.

Thursday 22nd.
So today was way busy. We did a lot of studying. So much that it is hard to stay focused. Today we learned how to teach investigators. We meet our Branch Presidency. They are so nice. And guess what my second day here and they are making me Sister Training leader....:/ so crazy but that means I get to have a phone and i also get to help the sisters and interview them. It also means I get to serve with Elder Gerber and Crowley. Which I'm excited about.

Friday 23rd.
I have been dragging all day... I'm so tired. I learn so much from the people in my district. I feel like they know so much more then me. And then I get the thought should I even be here. But then we will be in class learning how to help investigators and then I remember that's why I'm here. So me and sister Stewart taught our first investigator ( Debbie our teacher) I had a hard time my mind just went blank so basically my companion taught most of it. 

Saturday 24th
We have to be in the cafeteria by 7:15 to eat breakfast and that's just way to  early so every time I eat I just want to trow up.  Its awful.

January 28th
So i have had so much to do that I could not write in my journal so that's why there is days missing. 
SUNDAY was awesome we do sacrament as a zone. so we all have to prepare a 5 min talk and then they call randomly. I did not get called yay! We had a devotional Sunday night. Brother Allen came. He is one of the seventy. He talked about not letting satin push your buttons. We had to say good bye to our other half of our zone because they are leaving to go out in the field:(

MONDAY we taught 3 lessons (progressing, TRC, and a member lesson) And all the lessons went awesome. 

TUESDAY we had our first service day. Sister Stewart and I cleaned the stairs by the GYM. Which is awesome because we get to wear pants and a tee shirt. Yes we have gym time and it is awesome. they have volleyball, basketball, spike ball, 4 square and free weights. But i mostly play volleyball.

WEDNESDAY we had 3 lessons again. I also got to meet the new sisters coming into our zone. Last night me and my companions stayed up and decorated there door with sticky notes and candy.
So today was going great until my companion want to know more about my family which is awesome. But then it got me thinking about you guys and then she asked me what do I know? or something along those lines... I started to cry because at this time I felt like I know nothing. Elder Bertram saw me crying and then we left to go to the bathroom. When we got in the bathroom sister Stewart started to cry....and we lost it. Sister Vincent came in and said are you okay Sister Graham because Elder Bertram is really worried about you. I said yeah I was fine so she left Elder Bertram then sent our teacher sister Zibette in... She said Sister Graham, Elder Bertram is really worried about you are  you okay. I said yeah there is just a lot of emotions. But then i started crying again because it made me feel so good that he cared about me so much. I love him and I wish he was coming to Tallahassee with us sisters. I then realized I had to go meet the new district with our zone leaders and i was late. so i cleaned myself up and walked out and Elder Bertram came up to me and said they really need you in there they are struggling. After the meeting he said to me Sister Graham I just want to let you know that you are amazing and so awesome. I wanted to give him a hug so bad.....but i couldn't. I also wanted to him how much he means to me. He reminds me of the savior he laughs with us when we are happy and weeps with us when we are sad. 
We got back to our rooms that night and there where a ton of suitcases in the room...... we all yell NOOOO that means there are more sisters staying with us in this tiny room. I felt so claustro.  So basically  yesterday was awful  we all stayed up late just crying on my bed as the new sisters where sleeping.

We got to go to the Temple which was so nice. I really needed that. I'm also going to ask Elder Bertram for a blessing just for comfort. We also get to do Laundry!!! 

Anyways over all I love being here. I have had troubles but it helps me learn. I know that this is where I'm suppose to be. And my testimony is growing so much. 

Love you all. I don't now when my next P-DAY will be. and I have to learn how to send pictures....

Love always Sister Graham

Hey Everyone!

Its so amazing here. I LOVE my companion. She is from Idaho and she is so funny. Her name is Sister Stewart. I have so much to tell you guys. I forgot my journal so I'm writing a short message and then we'll go get our journals and then come back to the computers and tell you more.
My first day was really chill,we just did a lot of get to know you things with our district. Which by the way, I Love my district and zone so much. In my district we have 4 Elders and 4 sisters. There is Elder Bertram, Nelson, Williams, and Swain. Sister Stewart, Vincent, Tracey, and Me. We all have different personalities and we get along so well....I think maybe to well because I don't want to leave the Elders :( Elder Bertram and Nelson are going to Chicago. Elder Williams and Swain are going to Arizona along with sister Tracey. and then me, sister Stewart ,and Vincent are going to Tallahassee.) anyways I stinken love them!!! I saw Sisi the first day, we see each other everyday when we eat, but I cant sit with her because our branch president wants us to sit as a zone. I have been so busy I haven't had time to do anything or think about anything. Yesterday sister Stewart, Vincent , and I had a breakdown. I think there was just so much emotions in the air from teaching and missing home and companions and just being girls. I'll tell you more about it when I break down the days. 
I love you guys so much and miss you like crazy!!! I'm going to go get my journal and then tell you everything. I also have a Bunch of pictures I'll send you.

Love always,
Sister Graham

Monday, January 19, 2015


Hi everyone I'm starting this blog so I can send my emails home to my mom and she'll be able to give you an update.